Photo by Hani al Moulia

Hani al Moulia left his home in Homs, Syria for a refugee camp in Lebanon, where he learned to be a photographer. After moving to Regina, Saskatchewan, he captured his new home in images. It’s not easy—Hani has a variety of visual challenges, including nystagmus, which prevent him from seeing further than 10cm away. But with practice and inner strength, he shows us how “sense is better than vision.”

Taking a tour of places with meaning for Hani, users can follow his story and “activate” moments in which his unique view of the world crystallizes into images of amazing clarity; in each scene, users will see silhouettes appear. By looking at them, they can make full versions of Hani’s photos appear around them.

Hani al Moulia: My Own Perspective was shot in and around Regina, Saskatchewan. Locations include the University of Regina, Wascana Park and Wascana Trails. All photographs in the piece are contributed by and copyright Hani al Moulia.

The film was directed by Hani al Moulia and SESQUI’s Director of Digital, Joel McConvey.