Hani al Moulia: My Own Perspective Teacher Support

“I’ve been through many challenges, but at every new challenge or stage I told myself: it’s not impossible – you can do it. When you lose something, you should work harder and not surrender.”

– Hani al Moulia

Hani al Moulia fled Syria for a refugee camp in Lebanon, where he learned to be a photographer. After three years in the refugee camp, he moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, and began documenting his new home in photographs. Hani exemplifies an active citizen: he is attending university and he has been asked to sit on the Prime Minister’s youth council. It’s not easy: Hani has nystagmus, a visual impairment that prevents him from seeing anything further than ten centimetres away. But with practice and inner strength, he shows viewers how “sense is better than vision.” By taking a virtual tour of locations that are significant to Hani, users will be able to follow his story and “activate” the moments in which his unique view of the world crystallizes into images of amazing clarity.