HORIZON: Behind the Scenes Teacher Support

“A lot of people want to live in Canada and we don’t really appreciate that sometimes. And I think the 360° technology actually plays into that because we… have to appreciate where we live when we see it all around us… either in the dome or in VR. So it’s one of those awakenings where we go ‘Oh yeah, this is where we live and we’re pretty lucky to live here’.”                          

– Jen Scott, producer of HORIZON


HORIZON is SESQUI’s marquee hemispherical film. This 20-minute film is a soaring visual symphony that puts the viewer in the centre of the action during an inspiring showcase of Canadian creative expression that unfolds from coast to coast to coast. HORIZON takes us on an expedition from the highest peaks to the deepest seas, and through all ten provinces and three territories, as it reveals scenes that surprise and delight. Drawing upon artistic inspiration from our country’s rich mosaic, the film features cultural traditions and contemporary creativity set in the unforgettable urban and natural landscapes of our diverse nation.


The film HORIZON is an expression of SESQUI’s key themes:

  1. Providing new and inspiring ways to see and understand Canada.
  2. Exploring participatory social sculpture and considering Canada as a deliberate act of imagination and creation.
  3. Celebrating he centrality of arts and landscape in the Canadian experience.
  4. Embracing diverse ideas of home found across the country.


    • SESQUI crew discuss making of HORIZON

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Packing to Begin Filming

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Vancouver Film Orchestra

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Belugas Whales

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Silk Dancers

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Choir

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Synchronized Swimmers

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Caribou