MEET YOUR SESQUATCH is an interactive exercise exploring Canadian identity and diversity. This is a hands-on activity encouraging students to explore their community, environment and identity by creating a personalized Sesquatch animation.

Walk with a custom Sesquatch avatar across a virtual “little planet” and answer questions about where you live, what you like and how you react to certain situations as well as questions about the region (including the flora and fauna found there). As users answer a series of questions, their Sesquatch will begin to reveal its nature, share experiences and become customized as its look, movement and environment change based on each interaction. This exercise can be done individually or as a class: what does your class Sesquatch look like?

Users will be able to share and compare their unique Sesquatch animations on social media, and each Sesquatch created will be added to a Sesquatch collective living at

Creating the avatars offers students the opportunity to compare and contrast Sesquatch in their own school and across the country.