Using Art for Social Advocacy Teacher Support

“When I play the fiddle, I play for my ancestors. I play for my Mom who taught me. I play for my grandfather whose fiddle I’m actually playing on, who taught my Mom how to play. When I play the fiddle, I think about all the stuff that the Métis people have been through, all the stuff my family has been through….”

– Alexander Kusturok

The film HORIZON provides a platform for many different artists (including dancers, carvers, singers and musicians) to share their art forms, and creates an opportunity to discuss how art may be used to share stories, educate and provide different perspectives. The arts provide powerful tools to make sense of or get involved with important social and political issues within our society, opening our minds to new ways of seeing an issue and helping to create change. This teacher support is designed to create awareness about active citizenship and to encourage students to be active citizens using the power of the arts.


    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Margie Gilles

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Metis Fiddler

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Throat Singers

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – The Royal Winnipeg Ballet