What Does Canada 150 Mean to You? Teacher Support

“We are experimental, we are global, we are part of everything and everything a part of us. I think that the filming helps reconnect people to the fact that they are within the world, they are within connection, within flow and that they are a part of things that are greater than themselves and that can be a very good relief… to lay down the burdens of the world and go kindly forward.”

– Margie Gillis

Canada 150 will be a milestone that means different things to many different Canadians. For example, for some Canadians who have immigrated from a country in the midst of war, it acknowledges a new start in a safe place. For others, it is a reminder of Canada’s history of human rights violations committed against their culture. Being able to acknowledge these different perspectives, educate students on these different experiences and have these important conversations is a critical piece to building a progressive united future for Canada. We hope that this film can contribute to these conversations.

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Choir

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Gwaii Haanas

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Haida Gwaii

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – Acadian Step Dancers

    • Behind the scenes of HORIZON – The Royal Winnipeg Ballet