Close to 20,000 Canadians provided their thoughts about our film HORIZON 360° – A Visual Symphony of Canada over the course of the summer of 2017. We summarized some of their thoughts on the experiential attributes of HORIZON.

The world of cinema has this amazing alchemy to it when done right. Coppolla’s “Godfather”. Storming up Omaha Beach in “Saving Private Ryan”. Flying bikes in “E.T.”. “Rocky” running up the steps triumphantly in the City of Brotherly Love. When does this mix of 24 frames per second (or in our world multiple terabytes of digital 360° film) become something more than pictures, sounds and words and something more deeply felt in the soul of the audience it is intended for?

The term “cinematic experience” has recently become over-used to explain a number of films that may not meet the standard. Make no mistake though – our film HORIZON was a cinematic experience – a rollercoaster ride of emotion both with its paint (the scenes, music and choreography) and its canvas (the 360° visual format and projection). One comment in particular that grabbed us was from Raymond in London, Ontario who accurately summarized the journey arc our director intended  “It (HORIZON) starts out small and it hits you all at once. Surprising and awesome.”

Here’s a sampling of comments from our film that point to HORIZON’s qualification as not just a pleasant film celebrating Canada 150 but a resonating, memorable cinematic experience for the ages:


“It was mesmerizing! Fantastic.” Ester

“No words. Fabulous show. Jaw dropping.” Sheby

“Mesmerized – It was awesome! Thank you. ” Henry

“Awesome – total immersion in film” Frances

“It was fantastic! Loved every minute!” Ashley

“Amazing! Breath-taking!” Trina

“Fantastic! Makes me shed ‘proud’ tears.”  Michelle

“Tears!” Karen

“Breathtaking, amazing, so moving – emotionally, what an absolutely wonderful film!” Laurie

“Fantastic! Makes me shed ‘proud’ tears!”Michelle

“No words to describe- I almost cried, so beautiful!” Harriet

“Speechless _ Emoticon.” Evelyn

“Goosebumps.” Megan


“Inspired. Pride. Joy.” Jaclyn

“Fantastic – our 6 year old was mesmerized.” Theresa

“So Cool!” Lauren

“Wow!!!!!” Leopold

“Breathtaking!! I’m speechless; it was magnificent. I felt tears welling up more than once. Well worth the 2 hours I waited to get in” Marianne

“It was excellent. Well worth the wait ” L. Thompson

“Marvelous, worth the long wait to see it. Didn’t want it to end!”, Linda

“I am very impressed. Well worth seeing!” M. Row

“In total awe of how beautiful it all was. I want to see all of those places in my lifetime. Amazing.” Lisa

“Impressed. Proud. Inspired.” Laurie

“Incredible. I definitely need to take a while and drive across Canada.” Jude


“It was amazing. It felt like I was there.” Rayma

“It was beautiful. I was immersed completely in my homeland.” Nicole

“Amazed! It was breathtaking – sight, sound, movement, 360° and linear.” Catherine

“Amazing, powerful, emotional – made me soon proud to be Canadian” Jodi

“Tremendous experience. Loved every second.” Roxanne

“It was amazing. Truly a masterpiece.” Justin

“It went beyond my expectations. Definitely the coolest experience ever.” Laura

“It was an overwhelming feeling of greatness.’ Stephen

“Incredibly awesome. Moved my soul and overall brought to tears. Just beautiful.” Sarah

“It actually brought me to tears what a beautiful country we live in.” Michelle

“Remarkable. Brought me to tears.” Sandy

“Damn I was moved. I couldn’t stop crying.” Jemma

“Super happy!!!” Charlotte

“I loved it!!! It made me smile tons!” Shillane

“My cheeks hurt from smiling 😉 ” Sarah