Close to 20,000 Canadians provided their thoughts about our film HORIZON 360° – A Visual Symphony of Canada over the course of the summer of 2017. These were their observations about the production and innovation behind HORIZON.

British physician, famed writer and inventor of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once observed about Canada “Canada is like an expanding flower – wherever you look, you see some fresh petal unrolling.” Even though he said it more than a century ago, he might have been talking about the cinematic and technological innovation happening north of the border now.

Hollywood is shooting here and coming to our festivals. Silicon Valley tech powerhouses are investing and locating here. Bieber is atop the charts. The Ryans (Reynolds and Gosling) rule the box office. IMAX was invented here. Facebook located its Artificial Intelligence R&D (AI) in Montreal. Heck, Amazon may even locate their 2nd headquarters here and Tesla may build a space-age hylerloop train from Windsor to Montreal. As always, Canadians are great at inventing and exporting their ideas to the world. We think HORIZON 360° falls into this same spirit.

Here’s a list of screening comments observing the cinematic production and technology marvel that our attendees shrewdly observed :


“Great cinema and no narration – not necessary.” Suzanne

“Amazing! Very impressive artistically and technically” Riel

“Fascinating!” Fergus

“It was awesome! Intriguing and visually stunning, music fit well with scenes” Jack

“Impressive – nice tie-in of arts and Canadian culture and landscapes” Jolyn

“Art! Art! Art! Canadian beauty and experience.” Anna

“Amazing film. Blown away from the first scene on.” Alison

“The most beautiful piece of film I’ve ever seen capturing our nation.” Amber


“It was an amazing well crafted movie. I was very impressed.” Kailua

“I haven’t seen such an amazing, outstanding and incredible production. The film shows an innovative technology and knowledgeable staff. I am proud to live in Canada. Thank you for bringing it to us.” Karla

“Seamless perfection.” Donna

“Super high resolution impressive.” Eric

“That was an amazing undertaking! What a beautiful country we have!” Tammy

“Proud of the artistry that went into this film.” Christine

“Amazed at the artistry – who made that?” Rowan

“Very cool. A lot of thoughtful planning and work.” Naomi


“Loved the sound and overall variety of the show.” Pamela

“This was so seamless. I couldn’t tell where one scene started and the other needed.” Krishna

“I couldn’t believe how well the camera footage was taken.” K. Patel

“Music is incredible, I could feel the country.” Drew

“Wonderful! Terrific use of light!” C. Osbourne


“Visually stunning! Great use of technology.” Anil

“Astonishing – excellent new technology.” Anthony

“This was amazing. This tech is going places.” Jaclyn

“Very interesting to have a 360° perspective. Felt a part of it.” J. Bobinac

“Cool. Like a real-life Oculus Rift.” Ben


“Technical curiosity and audio/visual awe.” Matthias

“Very inspiring! Great Canadian innovation.” Sophia

“The movie was amazing. It is the future of the world film industry.” Adrian

“Loved that everyone there saw a different show.” Cathy

“It’s just AMAZING! I hadn’t seen a movie in 9K before.” Alan