Exploring Canadian Identity with SESQUATCH

The Canadian identity as it has come to be known, is as elusive as the sasquatch.
– Andrew Cohen, The Unfinished Canadian

SESQUATCH blank canvasHave you ever pondered what it means to be Canadian? SESQUATCH, our elusive yet curious mascot, arrives on April 18 to explore what makes Canadians feel Canadian. Through our interactive game, MEET YOUR SESQUATCH, you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on personal identity, diversity and ideas of home. You see, without you, SESQUATCH is a blank canvas. SESQUATCH aspires to be a showcase for your unique personality and thoughts on Canadian identity. After all, our inquisitive mascot can’t celebrate Canada 150 without first learning about Canadians.

Before participating in MEET YOUR SESQUATCH, consider the following questions:

What makes Canada a cultural mosaic?

Canada is a land of many cultures, languages, and ethnicities. But it takes more than that to be a cultural mosaic. Thinking about our ideas of home, where we were born, and sharing a greeting in our first language is the first step in creating your SESQUATCH.

How is Canada different from coast to coast?SESQUATCH reflects you

The ways Canadians are different can be easy to spot – just travel across the country and you’ll see them. It ranges from our favourite foods to the outdoor activities we enjoy. From the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Arctic, there is plenty to discover.

What unites Canadians?

So many things make us different, SESQUATCH wonders what brings us together. Maybe it’s something to do with our seasons, our attitudes, or how we celebrate Canada Day. As Canada turns 150, it’s time to reflect on common interests and Canadian values, and SESQUATCH is a backdrop for this contemplation.

SESQUATCH isn’t an onlooker. SESQUATCH learns in order to share. Our willingness to both learn and share is one of the great things that makes us Canadian. So, come back on April 18 to MEET YOUR SESQUATCH! Let SESQUATCH get to know you so SESQUATCH can help us better understand the country we call home.