Legendary Creatures from Around the World

Worldwide, the search for elusive creatures has endured for centuries. Every culture searches for a different creature but each legend reflects humankind and our exploration of the land. Sasquatch has been part of the history of the land longer than Canada has been a country. The legend has deep roots in Indigenous oral tradition, where names for Sasquatch include Sesq’ets and Sacsquec. While Canada has Sasquatch, there are other legends.


The Himalayas have the Yeti. The Yeti are part of Sherpa folklore and monks in Nepal portray the Yeti as divine beings who influence the harvest.

China has the Yeren. Often seen as part man and part ape, stories of human encounters with the Yeren go back 3000 years and serve as a reminder of life before civilization.Yowie Statue

Australia has the Yowie. Australian Aboriginal mythology depicts the Yowie as occupying the land since before settlers.

In all cases, the creatures remain elusive and yet the search endures. Perhaps that’s why we can draw parallels between the legends and identity. Canadians may never expect to pinpoint Canadian identity and yet we continue the pursuit.

That’s why SESQUI has SESQUATCH. SESQUATCH is our mascot and SESQUATCH is our continuing conversation with Canadians exploring personal identity, diversity, and ideas of home. Come back April 18 when we launch MEET YOUR SESQUATCH to join the search.