A 360° QUIZ

How are we different, and the same? Find out with SESQUI’s interactive quiz, MEET YOUR SESQUATCH. Make your own SESQUATCH and share with friends on social media. Then visit the Universal SESQUATCH, made up of many different user-created designs.




We’ve asked notable Canadians to join in on the conversation and fun by creating their own SESQUATCH. Identify the Canadian behind this SESQUATCH to win exclusive prizes, including a Samsung Gear VR headset!


  • He originally followed a musical path, and started his career at MuchMusic.
  • When he’s not braving the wilderness for work, he enjoys canoeing in Wabakimi Provincial Park.
  • Quote: “When we exhale, a tree breathes in.”

Submit your answers using the form below, tweet us using #GUESSTHATSESQUATCH, or submit your answers on Facebook and Instagram by commenting on our GUESS THAT SESQUATCH photo of the moment.

Eligible participants will be entered into a draw and winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be announced at the end of each contesting period and contacted via email or social media to claim their prize, including a Samsung Gear VR headset*, SESQUI T-shirts and limited edition HORIZON prints.

*Phone not included. For full contest terms and conditions, click here.


Help us make SESQUATCH as diverse as Canada


Each SESQUATCH is made with images drawn from a central database. Contribute to SESQUATCH’s image library by sending us your best images that represent your:

Favourite foods via #SESQUIFOOD
Favourite activities via #SESQUIACTIVITIES
Favourite seasons via #SESQUISEASONS
Favourite Canadian locations via #SESQUILOCATIONS

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